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About Us

Thanks for stopping by to learn a bit more about us here at Antler Chandeliers UK.


Our vision from day one has been to provide unrivaled access to high quality antler chandeliers at a reasonable price. Often crafted in rural workshops by artisan producers, we understand that sourcing antler chandeliers and antler furnishings can be difficult. This is why we are proud to be able to offer such a wide range of stunning products from around the UK & Europe.   


All of our real antler chandeliers are made from ethically sourced, naturally shed antlers. All of our faux antler chandeliers are made from high quality resin and hand finished for an authentic look. Naturally, we hold all of our antler furnishings and accessories to the same standards.


Let’s be honest, when buying an antler chandelier you aren’t looking for a practical lighting solution! An antler chandelier is a piece of art, a design statement capable of transforming and elevating a room to a whole new level. If you are looking to make a statement in your home or business you’ve come to the right place!


  1. We’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to – We’ve sourced the largest and most stunning range of antler products from across the UK & Europe. 
  2. We have the highest quality, most reasonably priced antler chandelier collection available online. 
  3. We work with only the best, most reliable suppliers in the industry.
  4. Our carefully curated catalogue gives you access to the most eclectic product range anywhere online.
  5. Since conception Antler Chandeliers UK is proud to be trusted by hundreds of happy customers throughout the UK & Europe.
  6. We pride ourselves on our customer service, something that from day one has helped build our brand and accrue a loyal customer base.


Like many small businesses, our venture began out of necessity. Three years ago we were struggling to find a reputable company which carried attractive, affordable antler chandeliers. Low quality options from the usual places – Amazon &  eBay – just didn’t inspire us. So, we decided to create our own specialist online store. Fast forward to today and we are incredibly proud to be considered the UK’s No 1 online market place for antler chandeliers.

Our dedicated 3 person team based in London UK work extremely hard to ensure you receive the best shopping experience possible.   

We look forward to helping you with your order and should you have any questions please feel free to get in touch!

Warm Regards

The Antler Chandeliers UK Team