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Antler Chandeliers & Interior Design

Antler Chandeliers & Interior Design

The Commercialisation Of Country Living

Over the past 20 years the interior design concepts of the Rustic Modern movement have spread energetically across North America and Europe. Originating in Northern California in the early 2000’s Rustic Modern design combines modern, open plan living with elements of the outdoors, often in the shape of rustic and natural furnishings.

Core themes include cool neutral colours, purposeful architectural lines and the use of wood and exposed brickwork. To accompany this, contemporary statement-piece furniture and bold earthy furnishings such as animal print, fur rugs and antler chandeliers. In its early days Rustic Modern design was associated with the wealthy who would often  commission bespoke furnishings for their large open plan houses.

In recent years its appeal has spread more widely and its popularity has positioned antler chandeliers at the forefront of mainstream interior design trends. Furnishings once confined to hunters cabins, rural dwellings and expensive ski lodges have become highly desirable to a whole new demographic, notably urban populations and businesses. Today we see antler chandeliers being used in all sorts of places and spaces, from small 1 bedroom flats to suburban family homes, seaside hotels, barber shops and offices.

This adoption of antler chandeliers in more urban settings owes much to modern day living preferences.  Open plan living has become the norm, and it is this arrangement of space that quite often determines the types of furniture and furnishings people choose.  In older homes for example, owners often knock out the downstairs walls to create larger, more open plan spaces. Large airy rooms need large statement-piece furnishings, and nothing fills a void while making a statement better than an antler chandelier.

This move to open plan living has been well documented and also influenced by the media. Over the past two decades interior design television programs, the internet and social media have shone a light on what is possible.  Companies like Ikea have shown people what is achievable, even for those with smaller properties and minimal budgets. Previously unimagined interior design concepts such as Rustic Modern, thought to be reserved for the rich and stylish, have become commercialised for mass market consumption.  As demand has grown, supply has increased, and the introduction of replica products at an affordable price has changed the buying landscape. As a result antler chandeliers today are being used in entirely different and novel spaces. Whether it be in a kitchen, a bathroom, a barber shop or office, they no longer serve as simple rustic charms, but more as unapologetic centrepieces of creative intention.

Another driver of antler chandelier popularity has been people’s desire to connect their homes with the outdoors.  Organic home design has increased through the use of renewable and sustainable building materials, and there has been a notable move towards the utilisation of more eco-friendly energy sources.   More and more, human beings are not only considering their impact on the environment, but are looking to celebrate the natural world inside their homes. Antler chandeliers often serve as a bridge between the inside and outside, from man-made to the natural.  In display, they not only pay tribute to the outside world but also to the ideals and principles of the homeowner.

It is important to recognise the other incredibly important factor in antler chandelier popularity; they are synonymous with luxury.  Not only do they create stunning center-pieces, they embody a sense of high end country living unachievable with any other rustic furnishing.  They are often large in size, usually striking in design and always organic by nature. They dominate the landscape of a room and act as an indisputable focal point.

Antler chandeliers remain the most coveted rustic furnishing of 2020 and their popularity will  continue to transcend age, affluence and location.

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